Elon musk success story change your life

Today I will talk about your business magnets. In today’s ranking of the magazine, the 40th richest person in the world launched a satellite in Bangladesh a few days ago and it reached orbit through a company called Satellite Space X. That’s Elon Musk’s company. Yes, friends send instruments now, but he wasn’t so rich from the beginning. He was the son of a poor family. How did he get so high? Maybe in the next five to ten years, he could be named the richest man in the world. In that world of technology, Steve Jobs has a place. Five things I will mention are five things that helped make Elon Musk so successful. Elon Musk has been single since his parents divorced when he was young. His mother used to torture him a lot because of his new father coming in to remarry, and he was beaten by school children and even school children one day. He was beaten so badly that he had to stay in the hospital for about a week. Elon Musk used to make a living in the midst of so much hardship. One of his good qualities was that he read a lot of books so much that he sat alone for 10 to 12 hours and read empty books. Even on holidays, he would finish one or two books. He read so many books that his mother said that when he could not be found at home, I could find him in the two libraries next to his house. He finished reading the book very quickly. He even called Liberia to bring new books because he had finished reading all the books in the library. One day his friend asked him where he got the most knowledge from the world of technology and he replied seriously to his friend that I have a lot of books so I know so much about it.

Elon musk success story change your life

Elon musk success story change your life

So friends, if we want to be like Elon Musk, we have to read a lot of books. You have to acquire a lot of knowledge. Not that he read books all day and learned coding by reading books, and since he liked to play games, he made a game himself. That game was called Blaster. He later sold the game to a company for 500. Even today, if you search by typing Blaster, you will find the game on Google and then open a game store with his brother, but all the agreements needed to open the agreement were completed, but later a parent’s signature was required because they were too young. So they needed the signature of their parents but his parents were not in favor of this shop. So their parents do not sign that agreement. As a result, their plan was thwarted. Since he was born in South Africa, the government did not like him there, so he moved to Canada and did small jobs. Then he moved to America where he ended his college life. But at that time he was doing small things. The thought of doing something big was his dream since childhood. If I want to do something big, I have to do it through the internet. Since Elon Musk wasn’t getting the job at the time. So Internet Best decided to open a company. His idea was a book called Yellow Pages. This will give people information about the business on the internet so that people will no longer need this yellow page book. Simply put, he brought a local business to the Internet and even got his idea working. As a result, Elon Musk got a lot of success. He had a company called Zip to Seta on his internet company and bought it and sold it in that company for thirty-seven million dollars. He sold the company for 22 million.

When he was 28 years old, he could have left 22 billion like a big man. With this money, he could buy a resort somewhere and live comfortably there. Before we start investing in different places, the second thing we need from here is to get involved in something without being pro-active and creator. And thinking about creating something new, he never said that my government is not right, I don’t have money, he started playing games with different types of yarn, but he did what he wanted, he created what he wanted, so friends, we don’t sit down and think of doing something.

How did Elon Musk make PayPal

The next idea that came to his mind was Elon Musk. At that time it was very difficult to exchange money. Getting money from one place to another is a lot of adulteration. I will make money transactions a little easier which will make it much easier for people to send money from one place to another. He immediately created Space X which later became PayPal and the problem with that company was that his board members disagreed with one thing. That’s why he was kicked out of PayPal. One hundred and eighty million dollars of his shares were taken out of PayPal. I learned from this that never settle in anything, don’t settle in something like doing a job. Think of doing big things from there. Unless you take a risk, you can’t do big things. Change Yourself Think of doing something bigger than that. Next, Elon Musk thinks you need to be human. I will make people livable in March. He didn’t think about it. He thought about how I could build a rocket at a low cost. I started reading books myself. He started a company called SpaceX about his rocket science. At that time it turned off before it could fly in the sky, meaning it did not reach where it was supposed to reach. In the third Test, the same situation happened in the sky. The loss of 180 million from PayPal due to these three Tests is totally spent. I think I will try one more thing in this project and later. See, all his money is gone. He sold the house and came to the rented house and borrowed money from different places and tried for the last time. This time, not only did it succeed, but it also got a 1.5 billion contract from NASA. ll of NASA’s supplies to the space station are delivered via SpaceX. So friends can’t do big things unless they take risks. If failure stops you from succeeding then success is not for you. Elon Musk currently runs 6 to 7 of the seven companies himself

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